Girl Power

Girl Power

I designed this screensaver to remind you that there is something special when women support other women. Let's build each other up, encourage and strengthen other women daily.


The story behind the creation

Girl power. The feminist movement. Let's burn our bra’s - wait, what? Umm... rather not.

Currently there is another rise of the feminist movement, especially in the workplace. I work in IT design and developing apps and equality in the workplace is a main topic of conversation. Equal pay, the treatment of women in the workplace… these are all good things. But they shouldn’t come at the expense of bringing men down.

This is not the girl power I wanted to remind myself and you about. There is something special that happens when girls/women come together in love, supporting one another. Girls can be so mean and critical of each other.

Let's be less critical, Lets love more! Embrace your gentleness, your fierceness (motherly protection instinct), kindness, love, support. Women have such generous hearts. All these things are not weaknesses, they are our power!

Let's build each other up, encourage and strengthen other women.

Go girl power!

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