Fruit of the Spirit

Fruit of the Spirit

May these printable (posters or colouring pages) remind you to desire more of the fruit of the spirit and daily invite the Holy Spirit into your life to work in and through your life.


The story behind the creation

I attended a Christian school and at the annual awards evening they would give out fruit of the spirit awards. This award recognised a child that displayed each fruit of the spirit. It was a really special initiative.

But, my competitive side of my personality used to sit there every year and I would think to myself… ‘I need to work harder at being more lovable, have more patience, more self control [enter any of the fruit of the spirit here].

So, when we did the fruit of the spirit module at Bible school, I felt like it was trivial, so basic, what more could I learn?

Well, never say never.

The biggest lesson I learnt is that you can't try harder or be better when it comes to living the fruit of the spirit.

Fruit of the spirit is just that. Fruit, evidence, of the spirit, active and working in your life. If you or I try to ‘fake it’, it won't last and we will grow weary of trying to keep up this front of being more lovable, patient or gentle...

But, rather the Fruit of the spirit is a result of following, pursuing and living a life that is in line with the Holy Spirit’s promptings and guidance.

Just because we shouldn't strive to foster the fruit on our own doesn't mean we shouldn't desire to have more of the fruit of the spirit in our lives. It is good for us to desire to have more of the fruit of the spirit, but it's only the Holy Spirit that can develop and grow the fruits in our lives.

Fruit of the spirit in action is often seen as counter cultural action in our daily lives. Loving, when others would seek revenge or harbour resentment. Having self control in a world that tells you to have more, to do want you want and what you like and that bigger and more is better. 

So, as a reminder to myself and now to you, I designed these printable colouring in fruit of the spirit pages. I designed them so I could put them up somewhere and remind myself to desire the fruit of the spirit and allow the Holy Spirit to work in and through my life. The Holy Spirit is a gentleman, He will not enter if He is not invited, so may these designs be a reminder to keep inviting the Holy Spirit into our daily lives.

I also created more modern and minimalistic posters for those who don't prefer frills, flowers and leaves.

But the fruit of the Spirit is 








gentleness and 


Against such things there is no law.

(Galatians 5:22-23)

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