Eat. Pray. Hustle

Eat. Pray. Hustle

I designed this screensaver to be a reminder to take care of myself. Just like we need to nourish our earthly bodies, we need to remember to check in with our soul - our emotional well being and state of mind as well as nourish our spirit.


The story behind the creation

During my first year at university I got so caught up in the business of studying, being able to drive myself around and therefore having my own social life. When I would finally stop long enough to catch my breath I would find that my stomach was growling from hunger. In that year I lost a lot of weight, I know it's the opposite of the “first year syndrome” I should have been pleased with my new slim bod. Honestly, I was too busy to notice. Instead, I remember being frustrated that my clothes were all not fitting properly and buying new clothes was just another chore I didn’t have time for. Not long after that people started commenting on my weight. At first it was admiration; “ Did you lose weight?”,  “You are looking good”. Affirmation is always nice and slightly awkward. What I didn’t know was that along with the positive comments came negative comments. Concern from my family that I was loosing too much weight, other friends that were struggling with their own weight projected their feelings and made me feel bad for my unintentional weight-loss.

Long story short, I need to remind myself to eat. Being mindful of feeling my body, but also of what I fuel my body with - preferably something nutritious.

Prayer is so important - you can read more about my easy habits to spend more time with God here.  Recently, started setting reminders to go off during the day to remind me to stop and pray. This, along with a prayer book I bought at the Hillsong colour conference really helps keep those times intentional and focused.

Lastly, hustle. Work hard, play hard - is a life motto I strongly believe in. Not only that, but we should aim to exalt God with our daily work - striving for excellence.

Eat. Pray. Hustle. It's what I strive for, it's what I live by and what I hope to inspire you towards.

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