Be Brave

Be Brave

I designed this screensaver to be a reminder to BE BRAVE, despite your circumstances or emotions. Be brave and step up and out to what God has in store for you and your life.


The story behind the creation

I am an extrovert and therefore can come across as very confident. But, I find God calls us outside of our comfort zones to help us grow. It takes bravery to step out of your comfort zone and try something new, for me, is was starting this blog (you can read about it here)

During this journey of writing, stepping out in faith, being brave I have realised that I needed to find my hope and faith in the Lord. Being vulnerable was the scariest part for me. It takes courage on a daily basis to be vulnerable. Dare I say be brave enough to be vulnerable. Because our natural response is to hide behind our walls of protection. By being true, honest and vulnerable it allows God to use our courage to be vulnerable to reach others beyond their man made walls of protection.

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