Saturday, August 12, 2017
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In the beginning God wove us together in his image. He knitted us together in our mother’s womb – we are a true reflection of our creator! How amazing!


There always seems to be a ‘but’, doesn’t there? We seem to get distracted from this awe-inspiring fact. We are made in His likeness! Yet, somehow, we forget this beautiful reality. What is it that distracts us from this identity?


Life can be rough. It can hurt. And it is what distracts us from what we know to be true. It distracts us away from our core identity in Christ by overwhelming us. Our problems and situations consume us. They swallow us whole and then spit us out. Often, it is in these times that we lose focus of the truth. We lose focus of our identity and instead we try to rely on ourselves and others to help save us from our problems or situations. But, we are often disappointed by others, and we disappoint ourselves when we fail, or when we lack the strength to overcome our situations. The people meant to help us hurt us instead. And we convince ourselves that we are no longer worthy of our true, Christ-given identity.

I would like you to imagine your favourite knitted jersey. Now imagine that you have dropped it into a puddle of mud. You can try to wash it, and most of the mud will wash away, but some of the strands might be permanently stained, or some twigs may be stuck in the woven strands of your precious jersey. It would take quite a lot of work to get your jersey back to its previously clean state.

Now imagine with me that you are the jersey. Life has caused you to become ‘muddy’. But God is always standing there, arms open, waiting for us to turn to Him. To refocus our attention on Him and the identity He has for us. He washes our ‘jersey’ clean. But, to really restore us to our former glory, He has to unravel parts of our ‘jersey’ to really get to those sections where the dirt is still trapped.

Our situations and problems can create certain perceptions or mindsets that are not in line with the identity God has created for us – an identity where we reflect His likeness, bringing all the glory to Him. To set us free from the perceptions entrenched in us, He needs to unravel us. Or at least that’s the way it may feel. Like we are coming undone at the seams. It’s uncomfortable. It’s scary. It leaves us exposed.


He does not leave us unravelled.

He wants to restore us. Restore us to the fullness of His glory! Why would you not want that for yourself? Because it may hurt? Because being vulnerable is hard? Because you are scared?

We can get so caught up in our fears. But why not look at all the good that can come from being unravelled by the loving hands of Creator?

He will bring healing and put you back together. He won’t leave you exposed. Instead, He will wrap you in His love and protection. He will give you the strength you require to face every situation. He has gifted us His Holy Spirit to help us to be fearless. Being unravelled by God means He will impart His wisdom with you, restoring your thoughts and perceptions of your identity in Him. Not only will he restore your thoughts, but also the dreams and passions you might have abandoned. He will restore all these things so you can use them to serve others and bring Him glory and so much more.

God has hand-picked you. He is calling you to join His family. You are not alone. Why don’t you join me on the journey where I share with you how God has unravelled me – for the better.

Maybe you recognise yourself or your situation in the words I write. Maybe they will inspire you to go on your own unique journey of unravelling. Allow Him to unravel your fears; let Him unravel all those ‘mud-moments’ restricting your possibility. Give Him permission to unravel your thoughts, and restore the way you experience Him. By doing so, you will see how He unravels that protective layer you’ve built around yourself, and free you to live your life to the fullest. I can’t promise it will be an easy journey, but I can vouch for the journey being worth it.

I named this blog unravel, because I have and still am in a process where God is unraveling all the unnecessary and skewed ideas I have adopted over time. I wish to share the things I have learnt during the process, not because I know everything, but rather to help you make sense of your own life. Together we can decipher and investigate the mysterious ways God moves in our lives.

I would love to hear from you.

What has has your experience been? What are you going to change?

Here's to a new decade!
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