Here's to a new decade!

Wednesday, January 15, 2020
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I know there is so much to be excited about at the start of a new year. Even more so at the start of the new decade.

New years seems to be equivalent with new beginnings, opportunities, big dreams and potential.

But this time around instead of feeling excited I feel unprepared, uncertain and unsure of myself. That same feeling you get when you are faced with a blank page without having an idea of what you want to create beforehand - overwhelmed. 

Too much possibility can be overwhelming.

Up until this year I have always entered a new year with an idea of what I wanted to achieve the following year. Even if it was only one small thing. At least it was something. But this year it was as if last year spilled over and dragged with it some outstanding items that are screaming at me to be addressed first. 

These feelings seemed to be magnified by all the other social media posts of excitement and hype over the new year and NEW DECADE. Normally I would suppress these emotions and feign more positive emotions - fake it till you make it kind of approach. 

It’s been a journey, but I have learnt the importance of acknowledging one’s feelings. In a moment of bravery I decided to share these feelings about the upcoming year and was surprised to find friends who are feeling the same. 

Acknowledging your feelings does not mean wallowing in them. It’s important to remind ourselves of God’s truths and promises He has spoken over us. Just because we don’t feel it, doesn’t make it any less true. And reminding ourselves of the truth helps realign our minds to meditate on better things and soon after our emotions fall into alignment.

So, dear friend if you find your heart and mind anxious about this year here are a few steps to help restore peace and clarity.

  1. Reflection. It’s never too late to reflect. It’s also never a right or wrong time to reflect. Year compass is a great free resource to guide you through reflecting and planning for your year.
  2. Quiet. Schedule some time to just think and ask yourself these questions: what burdens from last year am I still carrying? When I think about this upcoming year what emotions and thoughts come to mind? What are my expectations (if any) for this year?
  3. Prayer and surrender. Surrender your burdens and expectations and wait on the Lord ask him to give you dreams and goals for this year.
  4. Write. Write down the truths God is reminding you of. Promises He has given you for this year. Write down your goals - studies have proven that people you physically write down their goals are 3 times more likely to take action and achieve their goals.
  5. Walk in grace. What I mean by this is be courageous take action on your goals. Even if you don’t feel ready, do something, make progress. Show up and be consistent. Don’t let the fear of failure or not being ready hold you back from living life. The truth is, you will fail at some point, but do you know what? There is grace for that. So much grace.

This is my prayer for you this year:

The Lord will surely comfort you [Zion] and will look with compassion on all her mistakes and hurts [ruins]; he will make her deserts like Eden, her wastelands like the garden of the Lord. Joy and gladness will be found in her, thanksgiving and the sound of singing. Isaiah 51:3

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