How to find my purpose (Part 2) ?

Monday, April 8, 2019
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Have you ever taken a risk?

It’s like taking a giant leap off the boat into the ocean water, terrifying and exhilarating all at the same time.

That moment just before taking a step it feels like the thousands of butterflies it your stomach might burst out at any moment. Then there is the moment where you hit the water. It’s a shock to your system. A blur of bubbles block your view, but as they clear you discover a whole new world. It’s indescribable, it’s different, it’s beautiful, and it’s a glimpse of the future.

That’s how I would describe the quest to finding your unique God-given purpose.

And that is exactly what it is, a quest.

A little recap from part 1 ( if you missed it you can read it here) your core purpose is created to be in a relationship with God. From that basis of your relationship with Him you are also called to replicate God’s goodness, glory and character in your world. We are also called to take part in the good works God has set apart for us to do. And through all these parts of our purpose we are called to create disciples; expanding God’s kingdom by journeying with each other.

Each of us has a personal purpose. God planned you and your purpose before you were even born. Every detail, He planned. I love how this translation puts it:

Lord, you know everything there is to know about me.
Psalm 139:1 (TPT)

EVERYTHING! He knows all of your likes and dislikes. He knows the complexity of how your talents, passions, personality, interests and skills would all contribute to your unique purpose (even if you can’t see how they all fit together just yet).

You’ve gone into my future to prepare the way,
and in kindness you follow behind me
to spare me from the harm of my past.
With your hand of love upon my life,
you impart a blessing to me.
This is just too wonderful, deep, and incomprehensible!
Your understanding of me brings me wonder and strength
Psalm 139:5,6 (TPT)

God’s purpose is good. He promises blessing and kindness, this doesn’t mean we won’t ever experience difficulty. But, ultimately His future for you is filled with goodness. If you still doubt this check out Jeremiah 29:11 it confirms once again that God’s plans for you are good!

You saw who you created me to be before I became me!
Before I’d ever seen the light of day,
the number of days you planned for me
were already recorded in your book.
Psalm 139:16 (TPT)

Often we look at ourselves in the moment and think:
“I am not worthy of any great purpose” or
“I am unqualified”
And the truth is, right now, at this moment, you are unqualified. And we are all unworthy of God’s unending love. BUT, God loves us anyways and He deems us worthy. He is the ultimate at glimpsing our potential long before it is evident to anyone, let alone yourself.

You don’t have to feel ready or be fully equipped to step up and into your purpose. Like I said earlier, your purpose is an epic quest. And on this journey God equips you! He sends people and opportunities on your path to help grow and equip you for your purpose.

I know it can be overwhelming, but let me encourage you, God is a revealer by nature. He wants to speak to you and share His plans with you. He wants you to desire His plan. He will most likely not lay it out with step-by-step instructions, but He encourages us to seek.

He wants us to seek Him.
He wants us to seek His will.

Through this seeking. Focusing on Him rather than our purpose, or lack thereof. That is the process of finding your purpose. And piece-by-piece, step-by-single-step He will start revealing His purpose to you.

Often times our prayer is: “God use me”. I have even prayed this countless times. But, the bible already tells us He wants to use us. So, let’s change our prayer to “God show me how or where you want to use me”.

Even though your purpose is personal, your purpose also ties into a bigger purpose in God’s kingdom. The church is a representation of God’s kingdom here on earth. Therefore, your purpose is part of a community and should not be seen in isolation. This is also why it is important to be connected to a local church and serve there. It is through this community that God will bring people along your path to help shape and equip you for your purpose.

Your purpose is not just about you. It is about others. Just as others will play a role in helping shape and equip you for your purpose, you will need to do the same. Your purpose is for the next generation.

I want to end off on a correcting a misperception that even I had at a stage.

Your purpose is not to be endured!

We tend to think that God’s purpose is to send us to some remote corner of the earth where we don’t understand the language and will be torture for our faith. He does call some to this purpose, but your purpose will not be aligned with something that doesn’t appeal to you (once again I do not mean that you will only ever do things you absolutely love). But, the space where your passions and talents meet as most likely the place where God wants to use you.

“The place God’s calls you, is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s hunger meet.
Frederick buechner

Finding your purpose is both a personal and corporate journey. Thomas Merton sums it up so well:

“First of all, although men have a common destiny, each individual also has to work out his own personal salvation for himself in fear and trembling. We can help one another to find the meaning of life no doubt. But in the last analysis, the individual person is responsible for living his own life and for “finding himself.” If he persists in shifting his responsibility to somebody else, he fails to find out the meaning of his own existence. You cannot tell me who I am and I cannot tell you who you are. If you do not know your own identity, who is going to identify you?”
Thomas Merton

More next week.

Here's to a new decade!
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